We’re a young digital team composed of developers, graphic designers, project managers and pixel lovers who think that every single pixel counts. Here at TOG we encourage empowerment and urge our team to challenge themselves by being creative and taking the lead, that’s why we only work on a flat structure, ensuring that everyones opinion helps to insure success and 100% satisfaction in your needs.

We create badass websites that sell

Web Development

Before a project gets passed to the coders (developers), our design team get their creative juices flowing. We work hand in hand with our clients and expand on their imaginative ideas by involving them every step of the way. Once we have a final design, it’s up to the developers to get wired in and get coding, literally painting your picture on to our web canvas. In todays world responsive websites are like WIFI, they are no longer a luxury but a need that’s why we only build with responsive in mind.


Software Development

We live in an age moulded by technology; whether you’re tapping away on your smart phone or flicking through channels on your tv, we all interact with and integrate some form of computerisation in our lives. When utilized in the right way, such technology and software can help you save on both time and money. We work to ensure that any development we produce gives you more time on your hands and money in your pocket, otherwise what’s the point?

Creative By Definition
Creative - kri:ˈeɪtɪv/. adjective


Your brand portrays who you are and what you stand for and this is something we build on. Our design team have their hands constantly glued to their pencils and keyboards, playing around with their creative skills in order to give you a clear vision of what your company represents. Whether it’s print or 3d animation, our team of digital picassos will work with you to create the ideal image for your brand or product.