4 friends who
love what they do

TOG is the dream of 4 friends who wanted to start something different. A business which focuses on two main goals: Building success and having fun. This company is proof that work can be a passion.


The Marketing Guy

With an MBA under his belt and over 10 years’ experience with big brands, Jason is the mastermind behind Sales & Marketing. This brit has an ability to have an answer to everything & is always on the go with his red bull in hand.

Where it all started

Meet the pack...


The Software Guy

The pragmatist of the group, John is the balancing factor in the management team. His software skills are complimented by his obsession of making sure everything is perfect. Known for getting lost in code, John can always be found by his computer wired into TOG's next big idea.


The Web Guy

Clive covers all things web. With Tiaan by his side they cross boundaries in development to create sites that are always on top of the trends. Clive’s fascination with pixels means our sites always fit no matter what device you are on.

Web meets digital marketing

We realised together we had it all


The Mechanic

Ian is the go to guy! Currently finishing off his Ph.D at at The University of Oxford, Ian is our modern day Walter O’Brien (though slightly more social). If a piece of software code is broken, you can guarantee he can fix it.


The Devil of Detail

Tiaan works alongside Clive in development. The blue-eyed boy from South Africa is known as the team’s Mr.Nice Guy and is the cool head of the office. When he is not hard at work on our next project he can be found knee deep in researching the next big trends.

The company continued to grow

A team from the start


The Queen of Comms

The youngest member of TOG but don’t underestimate her abilities. Known out of the office for her theatre skills, Taryn has achieved more than most at just a young age. Ambitious and feisty, Taryn always works to succeed in anything given to her.


Pixel Picasso

This boy breathes and lives originality. He is the modern day Dali who transforms visions into reality, giving every project the Zack Ritchie experience. With his smooth talk and comical moments, he’ll turn anyone’s day around.

The first gal on our team

And our latest addition…