A boutique hotel situated on Malta's sister Island, Gozo. Thirty Seven Gozo is a unique place where tranquility and serenity are abundant. The owners of the small four-room establishment, which they themselves call a "home hotel", are a married couple named Patti and Giuseppe. Then one day we decided to come and live her full time, pull out the plug from our corporate frenzied lives and just settle here. This is how Thirtyseven started.


When Patti first approached regarding the development of a new website we immediately knew that there is something special about her and her product, Thirty Seven Gozo. The passion and attention to detail given to the hotel had to be emancipated in the website we would eventually produce. Thirty Seven Gozo is a special place with beautiful and relatxing scenes, it was crucial this could be experienced online.


For this reason the homepage itself is a collage of stunning images, showcasing the different areas in Thirty Seven Gozo. The website is mainly image based, as the stunning images speak for themselves and do not need much description. The journey to building the website was very exciting and enjoyable, the TOG team even got treated to an exquisite meal cooked by Patti herself.